About Us

AmaTech: Innovative, best-in-class technologies for the banking industry. Now a specialist R&D division of Paragon ID, AmaTech has developed metal cards targeted to the affluent/high net-worth segment in the payment space. Specializing in the development and production of RFID applications, AmaTech’s mission is to provide the banking industry and key suppliers with best-in-class technologies and innovations to enable contactless transactions across multiple media and to fight fraud. AmaTech’s experts are recognized worldwide for their technology and inventions.

AmaTech elevates the user’s experience by creating a convenient, efficient contactless payment activated from either side of the metal card, and which meets the high security requirements for RFID-enabled smartcards in the banking sector.

AmaTech’s main operations are located in a secure facility with clean room in Galway, Ireland.

Paragon: Secure technology for a connected world. Paragon ID is a leader in identification solutions in the e-ID, transport, smart cities, traceability and brand protection sectors. Using the latest technologies such as RFID and NFC, Paragon ID provides smart cards, tickets, labels and tags to worldwide clients in diverse markets including public transport, manufacturing, logistics, gaming and retail.

Paragon ID employs more than 600 staff, with manufacturing sites in three continents (US, Europe and Asia), close to its customers.

Paragon ID is a part of Paragon Group, which combines generations of experience with the latest innovations in technology and smart data, to enable responsive and meaningful interactions between organizations and their customers.

In 2018, Paragon ID acquired a very significant majority shareholding in AmaTech Group and the AmaTech companies became its subsidiaries following completion of the acquisition process. Paragon ID’s global sales presence and R&D capabilities will enable the combined organization rapidly to bring AmaTech’s unique products in the banking and payment card sector to market worldwide.