Pinnacle Markets: Affluent, Exclusive, And Security-Conscious

Our mission is to provide customers the freedom and ease of contactless payments with high-quality metal cards.

By developing the world’s first metal inlays with a dual interface chip module, AmaTech simplifies the production of metal embedded smartcards. This allows secure-card manufacturers to concentrate on personalization and fulfillment services.

Luxury accounts and private banks in high-growth regions are prime markets for this unique product. Consumers will be affluent account holders and high net-worth individuals who seek prestige products and premium services. This market includes affluent millennials with aspirational drives.

To address the entire pinnacle metal card market, AmaTech offers a selection of cards in varying constructions and weight options. These are luxury metal cards that a card issuer can bundle with a suite of lifestyle privileges and benefits.

Meeting Needs for Prestige and High Security

Our mission in the payment space is to support our clients with a range of EMV® metal chip cards that target the mass-affluent and high net-worth segment. These carefully crafted metal cards meet the high-security requirements for RFID-enabled smartcards in the banking sector. AmaTech elevates the user’s experience by creating a convenient, efficient contactless payment device that can be activated from either side of the metal card.

DI Metal Embedded Cards
This offering allows issuing banks to target the mass-affluence market, for those seeking an affordable metal card with membership benefits, credits and rewards.

DI Metal Clad Cards
This is the card for well-to-do customers who spend and travel extensively.

DI All Metal Cards
Exclusive-styled, “top of the wallet” premium cards in contemporary designs and luxurious metal finishes. These are solid-metal cards the issuer can bundle with a suite of lifestyle privileges.

A stunning conversation piece tailored to the needs of the high-end market. Enthusiasts extol its virtues!