Engraving & Graphics

Engraving & Graphics Details

With our variety of specialized finishes, you can customize cards that stand out in the marketplace. This includes a matte black finish, one that customers often choose as a personal expression of serious good taste. Sizing and dimensions are standard for card and faceplate, which feature laser engraved graphics on front and back faces.

Our manufacturing process combines laser cutting, intricate CNC machining and the nanomaterial science of specialist coatings to produce metal cards that look and feel prestigious. Laser engraving enhances the metal card’s surface to create sophisticated designs.

We will work from your artwork supplied in vector format (eps, ai, pdf).

Special features include:

  • Visually stimulating cut-through effects.
  • Showcasing a high level of detail with the stainless steel shining through a PVC layer.
  • Various metal-card packaging options.

AmaTech’s different metal cards can be customized through particular techniques.

Our contactless metal cards are spectacular, with accent features like precision-etched custom artwork, embellished with laser personalization. Using a silk-screen printing process, solid inks in a range of Pantone colors can be printed onto the metal surface.

The DI Metal Clad card has an all-metal front that can be meticulously laser etched and/or mechanically engraved with graphic features. To emphasize fine details, CNC deburring chamfer tools beautifully leave the edges of the completed cards with consistent and controlled edge breaks. Black nanoparticle coatings such as a diamond-like carbon finish give this metal card a distinct look and feel.

The DI All Metal card makes a long-lasting impression of elegance. These exclusive, full-metal cards can feature special etching techniques to add depth and dimension, coupled with CNC graphic elements, creating a highly refined effect.