Materials & Finishes

Materials & Finishes To Match Your Markets

We are a passionate team of RFID experts, material scientists, 3D CAD mechanical design engineers, metal production group and dedicated external graphic designers with a common focus on dazzling designs and high-quality card production.

Solid perfection: 12-20 grams solid, to be precise, in metals that speak with elegance and endurance. AmaTech’s cards can be finished in precious metals, and the all-metal card is currently available in stainless steel and titanium.

We offer you four options for the substance and surface of our metal cards.

1. Contactless Only, Full Metal Card

Precision-engineered metal cards come in an assortment of material options and range of shapes, weights and thicknesses.

  • Surface finish can be matte, black, soft-touch, mirrored, lightly brushed, or uniquely “textured.”
  • Silk-screen process prints in solid inks in a range of Pantone colors onto the metal surface.
  • Potential features include variable data, barcodes, QR codes, etching and magnetic backing.

2. DI Metal Embedded Card (Plastic Front/Metal Core/Plastic Back)

Our patent pending metal embedded card is our most versatile card construction for creative design, durability and recognizable weight (13 grams).

  • Card stack-up construction fuses a stainless-steel layer with a front layer that is multicolored graphic and a rear layer capturing magnetic stripe, signature panel and other standard features.
  • The exposed metal edge provides a noticeably sleeker look than traditional plastic cards.
  • Metal embedded cards support EMV® contact chips and contactless functionality from either side of the metal card.

3. Dual-Interface Clad Card (Metal Front, Plastic Back)

A more sophisticated version of the metal embedded card is the metal clad card (also known as a metal hybrid card), consisting of a solid metal front and a thin plastic layer on the obverse side.

  • A statement piece: dual-interface metal clad card that is primarily made of metal, giving it a satisfying heft of 18 grams.
  • Our patent-pending metal clad card achieves the integration of EMV® and dual-interface technology—without sacrificing weight, durability or design flexibility.
  • The all-metal front (stainless steel or titanium) can be meticulously etched or engraved.

4. Dual-Interface Full Metal Card

This is the ultimate. AmaTech’s all-metal cards in stainless steel and titanium are an indispensable accessory for those who travel, work and shop with style.

  • For the pinnacle metal card market, a selection of black and stainless steel cards available in various metal-card constructions and weights.
  • At 25 grams, the card makes an impressive “thunk” when tossed onto a table!
  • A stunning conversation piece, available in different etching techniques, the highest of quality in metal card design.