AmaTech Technology

Specialized in banking payment technology, AmaTech is a pioneer in the development of contactless technology in EMV® metal smartcards.

Our technology simplifies card manufacturing. The chip module works in harmony with the metal to enable contactless communication with a reader or point of sale (POS) terminal.

AmaTech’s patented innovations can overcome the radio-frequency blocking characteristic of most metal cards. RFID slit technology replaces conventional in-house booster antenna and the ferrite layer, offsetting the effects of electromagnetic shielding.

Metal Inlays + Dual-Interface (DI) Chip Modules: Paired To Perfection

  • Metal inlay and DI chip module for EMV® contactless communication.
  • No need for wire embedded antenna in the card stack-up construction.

To simplify the production of metal embedded smartcards (that is, metal-veneer cards) we developed the world’s first metal inlay with our companion 8-pin dual-interface chip module. This allows secure card manufacturers to concentrate on their printing, personalization and fulfillment services.

In managing their Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® programs, card makers can now offer in-house, full-line turnkey service for EMV® compliant dual-interface metal smartcards.


The process of constructing AmaTech’s metal cards delivers a unique product.

The inlay:

  • Stainless steel metal inlay delivered to the secure-card manufacturer in sheet form.
  • Inlay provides array of RFID slit antenna sites with fiducial marks for alignment of artwork.
  • Inlay format can be customized on request.

Dual-interface chip modules:

  • Modules delivered on standard 35 mm double sided epoxy-glass tape.
  • ISO contact pads on face-up side. Special backside antenna connects to integrated circuit (IC), on face-down side.
  • Backside antenna properties are finely tuned to standard system frequency of 13.56 MHz.
  • Module can operate with smartcard ICs from major vendors such as NXP, Infineon, and ST Microelectronics.

We are proud to be at the center of the banking revolution, pioneering the development of contactless technology in metal smartcards. These next-generation contactless and dual interface metal cards are precision engineered and designed to make a beautiful statement.