• 26 Mar

    AmaTech Becomes Member of ICMA

    Contactless Metal Smartcard Pioneer Joins Ranks of Premier Industry Group

    March 25, 2019—AmaTech has joined the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), a leading non-profit association of card manufacturers, personalizers, suppliers and other industry-related companies.

    AmaTech aims to improve the card-user experience by providing innovative technology which permits convenient and efficient contactless payment from both sides in metal cards, answering the high security requirements of RFID-enabled smartcards in the payment sector.

    By joining ICMA, AmaTech has access to expanded education and training opportunities, early knowledge of industry trends, and networking with leading companies in the card industry.

    David Finn, AmaTech founder, said “We are delighted to be part of ICMA. Ingenuity and innovation drive what we do, and we believe the industry is primed for increased technological breakthroughs. We’re happy to be joining the community of other smartcard innovators.”

    With more than 200 members in 43 countries, ICMA has been the voice of the card manufacturing industry for nearly 30 years. From training issues surrounding card production, to technology, application, security and environmental issues, ICMA will provide AmaTech with leading industry resources.

    About AmaTech 

    Now a specialist R&D division of Paragon ID, AmaTech has developed critical and key components for metal cards targeting the affluent/high net-worth segment in the payment space. Specializing in development and production of RFID applications, AmaTech’s mission is to provide the banking industry and key suppliers with best-in-class technologies and innovations to enable contactless transactions across multiple media and to fight fraud. AmaTech’s experts are recognized worldwide for their technology and inventions.

    Website: amatechmetal.com

    About ICMA

    The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) is the leading global card association for card manufacturers and personalizers supported by suppliers and other industry participants. For almost 30 years, ICMA has been at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry, uniting the many companies involved in manufacturing and personalizing cards by creating a global organization for education, networking, and sharing new and innovative ideas.


    Media Contacts:   David Finn, AmaTech Group, david.finn@amatechcorp.com;                      Greta Cuyler, Media Relations,  International Card Manufacturers Association, (609) 297-2208, gcuyler@icma.com.


    By Diana ICMA Industry News